If you ask us what our favorite season here in Austin is, we will always say the fall. The summer temps fade away and plenty of outdoor activities continue to be enjoyed. The fall season also has some of our favorite holidays and events to celebrate, such as Halloween in Austin. This spooky holiday is the perfect reason to visit Austin for your first or 10th outing. The city offers some spooky Halloween events along with delightful fall activities perfect for all ages. Take a look at why Halloween is always spent best in Austin, especially in 2023:


Start your Halloween weekend with something a little less spooky with the psychedelic music and arts festival known as Levitation. This four-day event will take place in the Red River Cultural District across a variety of venues including Hotel Vegas, Stubb’s, Empire, Mohawk, and more. Expect an incredible lineup of psychedelic music that includes Unknown Mortal Orchestra, The Black Angels, Beach Fossils, Death from Above 1979, and many more. Each venue is specifically chosen to offer the best music experience possible. If you are a music lover, you cannot miss out on Levitation, happening this year from October 26th through the 29th.

Ventana Ballet’s UNDEAD

Come see a thrilling show that puts the spook back into ballet with Ventana Ballet’s UNDEAD performance. This immersive experience is a dance performance like no other. UNDEAD is a reimagining of the classic Dracula story told through ballet but with the addition of classic Halloween monsters, comedy, and incredible ballet performances. The suspense and comedy of the show make it enjoyable for adults. Don’t miss out on UNDEAD hitting the stage on October 28th and 29th.

Annual Día de los Muertos

Each year the Mexic-Arte Museum puts on their annual Día de los Muertos exhibition, a long-standing feature of theirs that focuses on the Day of the Dead. Mexic-Arte Museum is a local attraction that focuses on the incredible art and history of the Hispanic culture. Mexic-Arte Museum will be putting on their 40th consecutive year of the Día de los Muertos exhibition so expect to find an event like no other. Their Day of the Dead celebration is the longest-running celebration of this kind in all of Texas running until January 7th, 2024. You will be able to view two-dimensional and three-dimensional art created by Jose Guadalupe Posada and more. The Día de los Muertos exhibit will open up on September 22nd.

Freaky Deaky

We all know that Austin is home to some of the best live music in all of the Southwest. During your visit, make sure to catch a gig that offers that and more. Luckily, the weekend before Halloween will be Freaky Deaky, a highly anticipated music festival that features a combination of techno, house, trance, and bass music. The lineup of artists includes favorites from these genres who will put on incredible shows across two different days. Electronic music festivals already feature amazing outfits by attendees, but you can expect more spooky offerings with the festival being right before Halloween. Freaky Deaky will be hitting the stage on October 28th and October 29th at the Travis County Exposition Center here in Austin.

See the Bats at South Congress Bridge

One of the more well-known activities here in Austin is seeing the bats that live under the South Congress Bridge. From March through early November, locals and visitors will be able to see these incredible creatures take flight at dusk to forage for food. There are believed to be around 1.5 million Mexican free-tailed bats living under the bridge during that time. When the bats take flight, they offer a truly spectacular sight as their shape forms a dark horizon. While some might be afraid of these furry critters, they provide the best kind of natural insect repellent as they feed on mosquitos and other pesky insects. The bats typically take flight approximately 30-60 minutes before the sun sets, so make sure to get to the bridge early to find a good viewing area. You can also enjoy a cruise on the largest electric paddle-wheel boat in the country with Capital Cruises. Their boats are able to travel beneath the bridge so a unique viewing area. Their tours often sell out daily so make sure to purchase your tickets in advance if possible!

More Spooky Fun Only for Halloween in Austin

The fun never stops when you book a vacation getaway here to Austin for Halloween. As you can see, the city offers a ton of incredible events the weekend before Halloween, ensuring a fun-fueled time. Trick or treating is also available in most neighborhoods of our vacation rentals. Check out our listings now so you can find your favorite vacation rental in Austin.