We all have our preferences about what our favorite season in the year is best to travel. Some prefer to escape off in the winter to enjoy some winter sports. Others enjoy a tropical getaway right by the beach in the middle of summer. Regardless of which season is your personal favorite, it is often the best time to travel to Austin in the fall. This time of year sees fewer crowds, cooler temps, and more fun and activities in the area. Take a look at why the fall season is the perfect time to visit Austin this year:

Better Weather and Time Off

Weather is always an important factor when planning for a vacation getaway. Luckily the fall season is the perfect time to visit Austin, as the daily temps usually sit in the 70s and low 80s. This means you and your family get to explore the outdoors endlessly without having to worry about the high temps and humidity of the summer season. Speaking of the summer, you will also find that the fall season also has plenty of opportunities to visit that line up with school breaks. Make a visit for your kids’ fall break or visit on an extended weekend such as Labor Day. The Thanksgiving holiday is at the tail end of fall giving you several days to enjoy a visit!

Austin City Limits

If you are a music lover, the fall season is the perfect time to visit Austin again and again. During the month of October, Austin City Limits Music Festival will hit the stage at Zilker Metropolitan Park. This three-day music festival brings in top name acts from across the world for an incredible experience. Over 100 performances can be seen across nine stages throughout the three-day week. The lineup is always diverse, making sure there is an artist you are excited to see. Recent years have seen Austin City Limits add in a second weekend due to high demand. Tickets typically must be purchased in advance before selling out, but you can still find single-day and official resale tickets available. Don’t miss out on Austin City Limits when you visit Austin in the fall. The 2023 festival will take place over two weekends, so check out Austin from October 6th – 8th & 13th – 15th!

Unique Fall Activities

Making sure to find exciting activities to enjoy is always a necessary part of planning for any vacation getaway. The fall season sees an endless number of activities become available for those traveling to the area. Spend an evening over by Congress Avenue Bridge to check out the local bat community. The Mexican free tailed bats spend their days sleeping underneath the Congress Avenue Bridge and then take flight at dusk. The bats take to the skies every night—a must-see experience. They typically nest in Austin from March through early November, making it a perfect early fall activity. If you are in the mood for a pumpkin patch head over to Sweet Berry Farm. You will find enjoyable fall activities including exploring a pumpkin patch, hayride, corn mazes, scarecrow stuffing, and much more. This is the perfect activity for little ones who want a unique fall experience.

Go Leaf Peeping

It may come as a surprise to those who have not experienced Austin before, but the city does see a change in tree color during the fall. Another great reason that the fall season is best is the changing of the leaves that takes place each year. Many of the local foliage and trees change colors between mid-October to mid-November for a stunning display of color. You will get to see vibrant colors including bright reds, yellows, and oranges show up in the treetops decorating the landscape. Going out to see the changing colors of leaves is also called leaf peeping and is a popular fall activity.

More Time at the Lake

One of the most popular activities in the summer in Austin is spending time at one of the any lakes in the area. This includes Lady Bird Lake and Lake Travis. However, the summer season is known for these lakes to be at their busiest providing visitors little privacy when hanging out by the shore. You will notice that the weather in Austin during the fall is still warm allowing you to continue enjoying time at the lake. There will be less crowds and more space around you to enjoy the beautiful shoreline and water. Grab a kayak or canoe rental to explore the lake or try your hand at fishing. The lakes offer a multitude of ways to enjoy them.

Get Ready for Austin in the Fall

It is never too early to plan for your fall destination. Book one of our vacation rentals today and come experience Austin!