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Houston Great Drinks

Lei Low

Inarguably one of the country's finest tiki bars, Lei Low is seriously dedicated to the Polynesian theme. The rum is constantly flowing heavily, and it's mixed into cocktails that are equal parts thoughtful and playful, featuring fanciful garnishes like bananas carved to look like dolphins. Want to keep that adorable shark tiki mug? Take it home for $15.
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Eight Row Flint

With a focus on whiskey, beer, and tacos, it's no surprise that Eight Row Flint is a perennial Houston favorite. The patio is a neighborhood favorite, and the frozen cocktails are sippable year-round.
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Better Luck Tomorrow

In the Heights, Houston cocktail impresario Bobby Heugel and chef Justin Yu are cooking up bar magic. The cocktail menu at BLT is fresh and playful, and the famous “Party Melt” is the definition of the perfect bar food.
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Alba Huerta has long been known as one of Houston's finest bartenders, and those skills are permanently on display at Julep. Enjoy inventive versions of the bar's namesake cocktail, like a julep spiked with honeysuckle and coconut, or spring for the $20 Ramos gin fizz, which is shaken vigorously to frothy perfection.
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Lola's Depot

Arguably, Houston's finest dive bar, Lola's, keeps it real one hundred percent of the time. So pick a selection of tunes from the well-curated jukebox, and enjoy drinks that are as cheap as they are potent.
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Under the Volcano

Long before the craft cocktail movement hit Houston, The Volcano was one of the few bars making every drink with hand-squeezed juice, including basic mixed drinks like the greyhound to more complicated cocktails like Green or Red, a tequila and rum drink mixed with muddled bell peppers and basil. The decidedly laid-back bar is known for its frozen screwdrivers and cuba libres.
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Double Trouble Caffeine & Cocktails

This MidMain cocktail bar has two identities — coffee shop by day and cocktail bar by night. As a result, the drinks menu includes some of the best coffee cocktails in Houston, like the Betty Whizzle, made with coffee-infused rum, fresh cream, and espresso.

Miss Carousel

This EaDo bar takes its cues from mid-century industrial design, and without an actual bar to sit at, it feels more like a hotel lobby or someone's spacious living room. Drinks run the gamut from classic highballs to amaro-based concoctions, like the Dead Man's Handle, an elevated margarita with Aperol, and orgeat.
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Captain Foxheart's Bad News Bar & Spirits Lodge

Outside of having the best bar name in Houston, Captain Foxheart's is also a haven for whiskey enthusiasts. The giant bar and equally expansive patio are surpassed only by the wide selection of spirits.
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Warren's Inn

This longtime Downtown lounge has a worn-in feel but still gives the impression of its once glory, with wood paneling, oversized chandeliers, tarnished mirrors, and a real jukebox. The cocktails are solid and unfussy, and it is one of the few places in the city to get a proper Grasshopper, the cacao and creme de menthe cocktail that was popular in the 1950s.
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