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Thanksgiving in Austin

Plan your Thanksgiving retreat to a year-round warm climate full of sun and fun. Make sure the fun is extra big when you set your sights on Texas, then zero in on the capital city of Austin. You’ll find plenty of activities, attractions, and even Thanksgiving celebrations to keep everyone happy and busy throughout your Thanksgiving in Austin trip.

Thanksgiving Dinner

From national chain restaurants to local eateries, Austin has a delicious food scene. Many of these restaurants may be shoving aside their regular menu or adding the special meal alongside it. Contact your new favorite Austin area restaurant to see what they’re offering, and whether reservations are required.


The capitol building that stands today was completed and dedicated in May of 1888. If you’ve also been to the U.S. capitol in Washington, DC, you may feel like the Texas capitol building is bigger.

You’d be right! Everything is bigger in Texas, including our capitol building! The Texas capitol building is 14.64 feet taller than the U.S. capitol, according to measurements taken from the ground to the top of the Statue of Freedom atop the U.S. capitol and from ground to the tip of the Goddess of Liberty on the Texas capitol.

Austin Aquarium

Meet the wildlife that make their home below the waves. Encounter sting rays, sharks, tropical fish from around the world, koi fish, and many others. Learn about coral reefs and how they help nourish the underwater environment and provide shelter or watch sharks as they swim silently through their tanks. Once you’ve gotten to know some of the aquarium’s residents, schedule a special encounter where you can feed stingrays, tortoises, and even sharks for an unforgettable Thanksgiving experience.

Lady Bird Lake Hike and Bike Trail

A great way to see and experience Austin this Thanksgiving is to get out and get right in the middle of it. Lace up your walking shoes or hop on a bike and head to the Hike and Bike Trail around Lady Bird Lake. The low-grade, paved trail is the perfect path for pedestrians and cyclists alike, as it winds its way through downtown, giving you a beautiful view of the Austin skyline. The ten-mile loop is dotted with parking and access points so you can create an adventure that takes in just a little bit or even all of the route. Make use of available restrooms, water fountains, foot showers and other conveniences. There are boat launches, and a pedestrian/cyclist-only bridge over Lady Bird Lake.

6th Street

It’s the place to be during your Thanksgiving trip to Austin! There’s almost nowhere else in the city that captures the city slogan, “Keep Austin Weird,” than the bustling, eclectic area. There are a variety of restaurants – some that may serve Thanksgiving dinner, bars, entertainment venues, and more, including the Museum of the Weird. The museum houses many curiosities and oddities. The stop is often included on organized sightseeing tours of the city.

Treaty Oak

You may wonder how an old oak tree is a must-see landmark for your Thanksgiving vacation. This particular tree is a 500+ year old tree that is the last marker of the boundary between Anglo and Native American territory. At one time there were a total of 14 trees marking the area where Comanche and Tonkawa Native American tribes held meetings. The tree that stands today was poisoned in 1989, and after an effort to save the tree, it is now protected by a chain fence.

The Driskill

Walking into the hotel is like walking into a piece of Austin history this Thanksgiving. Opened in 1886, it was considered “One of the Finest Hotels in the Whole Country” by the Daily Statesman. It was built for approximately $400,000 at that time, an equivalent of over $13 million today. The hotel hosts a number of rooms, including suites, rooms, and handicap accessible accommodations all keeping in the vintage style and feel of the historic hotel in its heyday.

Museum of Ice Cream

For dessert this Thanksgiving, have some ice cream, then visit the museum dedicated to the frozen treat. It’s the perfect place for the kids and kids-at-heart in the group. Learn all about ice cream and its history through several multi-sensory exhibits or play in the world-famous “sprinkle pool.” In addition to all the fun, enjoy your pick of unlimited treats in nostalgic flavors across five different ice cream shapes and forms. There’s also an indoor play space where you and the kids can climb, slide, or even ride replica iced animal cookies.

We’re Thankful for Your Thanksgiving Visit

When you stay in a vacation rental in Austin provided by Renters Club this Thanksgiving, you’ll enjoy easy access to the many area activities, attractions, shopping, dining, and more to make a Thanksgiving respite to remember for everyone. We offer one-bedroom units for a more intimate stay, all the way up to a ten-bedroom unit for an Austin retreat with all the family you’re thankful for.

Prepare the family’s favorite meal in the fully equipped kitchen and enjoy it in a spacious dining area. Afterward, spread out in an open living space. Enjoy a private balcony or patio or spend some time near a private pool.

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