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Presidents’ Day in Austin

Plan your Presidents’ Day retreat to a year-round warm climate full of sun and fun. Make sure the fun is extra big when you set your sights on Texas – because everything’s bigger in Texas. In fact, two of our country’s presidents were born in Texas. A third, while born elsewhere, was raised in Texas. Zero in on the capital city of Austin for all the fun and excitement you’ve hoped for this Presidents’ Day.


Austin is the capital city of Texas, playing host to all the government buildings needed to maintain everything that keeps the state running smoothly. The capitol building that stands today was completed and dedicated in May of 1888. For visitors who have also been to the U.S. capitol in Washington, DC, you may feel like the Texas capitol building is bigger.

Since everything is bigger in Texas, we made sure our capitol building was, too. The Texas capitol building in Austin is 14.64 feet taller than the U.S. capitol, based on measurements taken from the ground to the top of the Statue of Freedom atop the U.S. capitol and from ground to the tip of the Goddess of Liberty atop the Texas capitol.

Texas Military Forces Museum

The president of the United States is the country’s “commander-in-chief,” in charge of all military operations. Before Texas was a state, it had its own military. Visit the museum to wander and take in everything in the 45,000-square foot facility.

Explore the history of the Texas militia and volunteer forces dating back to 1823 – before Texas joined the Union! Permanent exhibits include samples of uniforms, weapons, equipment, soldiers’ personal items, film, music, and other items reflecting life in the military throughout the state’s history. The museum also hosts several “living history” programs, in addition to battle reenactments and other special events. The museum is open Tuesday-Sunday 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Austin Zoo

Spend some time outdoors this Presidents’ Day and wander the zoo while you get to know its residents. Meet lions, tigers, cougars, and other cats. Marvel at majestic mammals like North American black bears, wolf hybrids, or the unique coatimundi. The animal is a member of the raccoon family that lives 7-15 years, with adults weighing up to 17 pounds!

Friends in the primates area include the ring-tailed lemur and a variety of monkeys. Explore reptiles, and other interesting species like the capybara. The zoo showcases the native wildlife of Texas, too, such as the Texas leaf-cutting ant and the eastern fox squirrel. Wrap up your visit with domesticated animals like longhorns, miniature donkeys, pot-bellied pigs, and even llamas!

Lady Bird Lake Hike and Bike Trail

Lady Bird Johnson is the wife of Lyndon B. Johnson, our 36th president and both are Texas natives. The park dedicated to her is a great way to see and experience Austin. Lace up your walking shoes or hop on a bike and head to the trail around the lake and the surrounding area. The low-grade, paved trail is the perfect path for pedestrians and cyclists alike and offers a beautiful view of the Austin skyline while you’re at it.

Because of its location, the ten-mile loop is dotted with parking and access points so you can create an adventure that takes in just a little bit or even all of the route. Make use of available restrooms, water fountains, foot showers and other conveniences. There are boat launches into the lake, and a pedestrian/cyclist-only bridge over Lady Bird Lake.

Cap City Comedy Club

If you’re looking for a laugh during your Presidents’ Day retreat, Austin is just the place to find it. Now located in The Domain shopping center, the club is celebrating 35 years of providing comedic relief to Austin’s residents and visitors. The club features two state-of-the-art showrooms hosting a number of national acts, local comedians, and a variety of up-and-coming talent. Choose from a wide variety of food and drink offerings while you enjoy the show. Visit their website to see who’s on stage and make sure the show is appropriate for all ages in your group.

Museum of Ice Cream

Learn all about the delicious frozen treat and its history across several multi-sensory exhibits or play in the world-famous “sprinkle pool.” In addition to all the fun, enjoy your pick of unlimited treats in nostalgic flavors across five ice cream shapes and forms. Stop by the indoor play space where you and the kids can climb, slide, or even ride replica iced animal cookies!

Presidents’ Day in Austin

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