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Houston is a cosmopolitan destination that is jam-packed with spectacular restaurants and family-friendly hotels. We can’t talk about accommodation in this place without mentioning the Church House. It’s a 1930’s church that was converted into a vacation home. The home features four bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms. Since it can accommodate up to 10 guests, it’s the place to be if you’re planning a holiday in Houston with friends and family. From the beautiful architecture to the generous amenities provided and nearby attractions, you’ll be glad you discovered the Church House rental in Houston. Here’s everything that makes this vacation home worth every penny.

Incredible Exterior Features

The well-manicured fence is a great first impression of what you are about to enjoy in this magnificent vacation home. There’s also a wooden fence that complements the wooden sun loungers and the color of the staircases that lead to the patio balcony. Relaxation is the name of the game here since there is a heated private pool. This is where you can enjoy a swim to wind down or spend time with your loved one planning your future or express your love for each other. However, the pool can only be heated between November and April for an extra fee. Remember to notify us 48 hours in advance that you’ll need the pool heated. Once you get enough of swimming, the sun loungers available will offer more relaxation as you soak up the sun with beautiful views of the sky and the surroundings.

If you’re on a vacation with friends, up to 10, the outdoor space is large enough to accommodate you all. You can be creative with outdoor games that can suit such a space to create a strong bond with each other. Free parking space is also available, so you have the freedom to organize private transportation. You can rest assured that your belongings are safe since there are 24-hour surveillance cameras available. The outdoor lighting not only offers more security but also creates a conducive outdoor atmosphere to relax and engage in other fun activities like playing badminton.

Stylish Interior Amenities

Everything in the living room oozes elegance. One of the first things you’ll notice is a wooden touch to the floor and ceiling. There are also large wooden pillars that give the space a touch of class. Hanging lights on the ceiling are in plenty to give the space enough light, so you can see every corner of the room with ease. Welcoming you are large plush sofas facing a wall-mounted TV begging to offer you the much-needed comfort after a day of exploration. You can turn on the television to watch a movie if you prefer to escape into another world of imagination. To ensure there’s enough air circulation in the living room, a large fan is strategically placed in the middle.

Now is the time to prepare a meal, and you’ll do it in style. First, the kitchen is spacious, so your favorite traveling partner can assist you in preparing vegetables or washing dishes as you handle other cooking tasks. Since the kitchen is fully equipped with dishes, essential cookware, and glasses, you can work on that recipe you never had time to try. The wooden floor that complements the wooden ceiling and the brownish color of the wall shows attention to detail to give this kitchen a homely atmosphere. The all-black kitchen cabinets make this space cool and calm so you can concentrate on your dishes. The marble countertops are also specially designed to match the cabinets since they have a black, beautiful pattern. The lighting in the kitchen isn’t something that goes unnoticed. There are plenty of cabinet lights and hanging lights to brighten the space for a more lively cooking session. Once your meal is ready, a dining table adjacent to the kitchen is the place to sit and fill your belly with delicacies.

When it comes to getting some sleep, the master suite has it all to provide comfort. Unlike other rooms, the ceiling and walls here are all-white. And you know white signifies peace, so you’ll feel calm and relaxed. A TV directly faces you, so you can decide to watch a romantic movie with your partner to bring you closer to each other. If you feel like taking a shower, the bathroom pleases you in almost all aspects. A bathtub is available to soak up in the water as you relax muscles and meditate. You also get fresh towels and linens. As earlier mentioned, this is a four-bedroom home. The three other bedrooms are all equipped with large beds, sufficient lighting, and carpets.

What’s Nearby?

If you’d like to explore the nearby attractions, you can visit The Galleria, Museum of Natural Science, River Oaks Theater, Minute Maid Park, Space Center Houston, Cezanne, or Twilight Epiphany Skyspace. For foodies or beer lovers, the B&B Butchers and Restaurants, Nancy’s Hustle, The Breakfast Klub, The Post Wine and Beer Garden, and Frank Pizza are amazing options to consider. Shoppers will also get something exciting from the Heights Common Market, Warby Parker, Emerson Rose, Lucy’s Boutiques and Gifts, Urban Chic Vintage Boutique, and The Whimsy Artisan Boutique.

Book the Church House Rental in Houston Today

If you’re planning for a Houston vacation, whether for a weekend or several days, you can always count on us for the best vacation rentals. Reach out to us if you need to book your stay in the charming Church House rental in Houston for an experience of your lifetime. See our exclusive list of Lake Travis cabin rentals here.