Guest FAQs

Guest FAQs

Q1. What time is check in and check out?

A. Our standard check in time is 4pm and our standard check out time is 11am.  Unless otherwise noted, these times will apply.  You’ll receive entry information no more than 3 days prior to check in.

Q2. What are these Hotel Occupancy Taxes?

A. Short term rental properties within Austin’s city limits are subject to the same Hotel Occupancy Tax as hotels.  The tax breaks down as follows:  11% municipal and 6% state.  Some of our properties, such as those located in Westlake Hills, are outside Austin’s city limits and are therefore subject only to the 6% state tax.

Q3. Why am I being asked for everyone’s names?

A. Short term rental regulations in Austin require that the names, ages, and contact info of all occupants be collected and recorded.  We are of course not doing anything with the information except in cases of emergency.  The information is kept securely within our company and never shared.

Q4. Why am I being asked to purchase property damage protection insurance?

A. We’ve learned over the years that when traveling in larger groups, as our guests so often are, it is much simpler to purchase a property damage protection insurance plan up front, for a nominal fee, than to have one credit card be liable for the damage of an entire group.  The purchase of these insurance plans also removes any motivation to “hide” damage and encourages reporting.  Should any accidental damage be caused by a guest, it can simply be reported and claimed on insurance and the guest is not burdened by any additional expense.

Q5. Can you help me arrange __________?

A. We work with a wonderful concierge partner called KEY Concierge.  They’ll be happy to help you arrange anything from airport pickup to private chefs or dinner reservations and everything in between.

Q6. What will be provided in the property?

A. You’ll arrive to a clean property with luxurious linens and clean towels.  The bathrooms will be stocked with shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and hand soap.  The kitchen will have basic kitchen utensils and supplies.  We can’t guarantee there will be any certain cooking ingredients, condiments, or groceries, but we do instruct our cleaners to leave non-perishable items like condiments.

Q7. How do I get into the property?

A. Our properties have either a lock box or a keypad lock.  You’ll receive entry instructions and codes by email no more than 3 days prior to arrival.  If you do not receive instructions, please ensure that you’ve entered your Guest Information into our system or shared it with one of our staff members.

Q8. What do I need to do before I check out?

A. Please make sure to lock all doors before leaving.  The cleaning crew will be along shortly.

Q9. How do I get around?

A. Uber and Lyft are all available for your convenience.

Q10. Do you rent air mattresses?

A. We do not.  After too many deflated nights’ sleep for our guests, we have had to stop offering air mattresses.

Q11. What is your cancellation policy?

A.  Our cancellation policy is as follows:

  1. If the cancellation occurs more than 60 days prior to the Check-in Date, 100% of the Total Payment Amount shall be refunded to the Tenant, less The Renters Club’s booking fee;
  2. If the cancellation occurs between 30 and 60 days prior to the Check-in Date, the Total Payment Amount less 50% of the Total Payment Amount will be refunded to Tenant, less The Renters Club’s booking fee; and
  3. If the cancellation occurs within 30 days prior to the Check-in Date, no amount will be refunded to Tenant.
  4. Any bookings during any portion of the SXSW festival are subject to a strict zero-cancellation policy.  Absolutely no refunds will be given for cancellation of bookings during this time as well as any time determined to be a major event, including but not limited to, Graduation Weekend, ACL Festival, Moto GP, and Holiday bookings.

Q12. What toiletries are provided?

A. We provide 100% vegan, paraben, sulfate, phosphate, gluten & cruelty free soaps, shampoos, and conditioners to our guests.