If you are a sports lover, you will find that Austin has a little bit of everything to see. Head to the nearest sports bar to catch the biggest football or basketball games on huge TVs. Make a quick drive down to San Antonio to catch a Spurs game. However, if you are a soccer fan, you can simply head down to the stadium to watch Austin FC in another exciting matchup. That’s right, Austin has its very own soccer team that has become a staple for the local community. Seeing a game live is an exciting experience for both soccer lovers and novices out there. Take a look at all you need to know about Austin FC when you visit Austin:

Recent Addition to the MLS

If you have not heard of Austin FC, you are not alone. While the locals of Austin have been ecstatic about the team since being founded in 2018, they did not officially start playing until 2021. Austin FC may only have a few years under its belt, but that would be hard to notice when you get to see a matchup in person. Austin FC performs at the highest level of soccer in the United States, Major League Soccer. MLS features some of the best-known teams, including the LA Galaxy, Inter Miami CF, and many more. The MLS currently features 29 teams across the United States and Canada and continues to grow.

When Do They Play

Of course, one of the most important aspects of catching Austin FC play is to know when the season takes place. Austin FC plays during the regular MLS season that includes preseason games and potential post season games as well. The 2024 season kicked off on February 24th and will continue to run until the final regular season game on October 19th. Like any other sports team, Austin FC has half of their games on the road while the other half are here in town.

Where Do They Play

Speaking of playing home games, you can find Austin FC playing all of their games over at Q2 Stadium. This soccer specific stadium is used exclusively for soccer and no other sports. That means you will find a field and stadium with the MLS approved sizing. Q2 Stadium was built in 2021 just in time for Austin FC to take to the field. The name comes from a local online banking provider. The stadium first opened with an international friendly game on June 16th 2021 between the Unites States Women’s National Team and Nigeria. Since then, the stadium has been used for a variety of games, mostly consisting of Austin FC’s matchups. The stadium can be found over at 10414 Mc Kalla Pl in North Burnet of North Austin. The stadium is especially popular for having modern amenities to enjoy during the game due to it being brand new. Getting to the stadium is extremely easy from many of our vacation rentals found all over Austin.

How Much Are Games

Tickets to see Austin FC play are always affordable. Tickets start at just $39 for home games here in the area. Of course, ticket prices will increase the closer your seat is to the field. Die-hard soccer lovers will have the best time at a game Q2 Stadium. The stadium offers a large roof canopy that will help keep you dry during the rain and hidden from super sunny days; in fact, it has the second largest roof for any MLS stadium in the country! Additional amenities include domestic and craft beer being sold at a great price for the adults. Food vendors offer all of the incredible food items you want for a game including hot dogs, nachos, and much more. Sports bars and clubs are also found in the stadium allowing you to watch the game from their special viewing areas. Q2 Stadium offers 20,500 seats so you can easily bring the whole family and not being worried about everyone not sitting close to one another.

Get Ready for the Big Game Here in Austin

As you can see, Austin FC is the perfect sports outing for you and the whole family. This local soccer club is capturing the hearts of everyone here in Austin. If you are in need of an Austin vacation rental to keep you comfortable during your stay we have you covered. Our vacation rentals can be found all over the greater Austin city limits with some properties even found near Q2 Stadium. You will be able to enjoy full size living spaces, comfortable bedrooms with fine linens, and spacious yards to enjoy the Austin sunshine. Don’t get stuck inside a hotel room during your stay and instead choose these spacious homes exclusively in Austin.